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以下のピアジェ国際保証は、アメリカ合衆国とカナダを除くすべての国の販売店でお買い上げいただいたピアジェ時計、および修理を申し受けたピアジェ時計に対して適用されます。アメリカ合衆国とカナダ両国では、別記のPiaget Limited Warranty(ピアジェ限定保証)が適用されます。

お買い上げいただきましたピアジェ時計は、あらゆる製造上の欠陥に対し、以下の条件でお買い上げの日から24カ月間、保証いたします。 ピアジェ国際保証は、ピアジェ正規販売店、またはピアジェ正規サービス・センターを通じ、当社の監督・指示の下に実施される修理、調整等のアフターサービスの場合に限って有効です。 当社技術部が製造上の欠陥に起因して生じたと認めた故障に関しては、無償にて故障部品の交換をいたします。

- 事故、不適当な、または誤った取扱い(衝撃を与える、歪ませる、押しつぶす、非防水時計のケース内部への水分の侵入など)、ピアジェ正規販売店、またはピアジェ正規サービス・センター以外の第三者による取扱いの結果生じた故障等
- 革バンド
- 通常の使用による摩擦や、経年変化
- 時計全体、または一部の盗難、紛失




1. クォーツ制御ムーブメント搭載の時計の場合、指定された正しい電池が使用されている場合のみ、ピアジェ国際保証が適用されます。
2. 防水機能付時計の場合、ケース裏蓋を開けた後は必ず、ピアジェ正規販売店、またはピアジェ正規サービス・センターによる防水検査を行う必要があります。ピアジェ国際保証は、上記の防水検査が正しく行われている場合に限り、防水機能に対して適用されます。

Limited Warranty (USA and Canada)

The following terms of the Piaget Limited Warranty apply to Piaget watches sold or presented for warranty service in the United States of America and Canada only and this Piaget Limited Warranty is in lieu of the Piaget International Guarantee covering any Piaget watch sold or presented for warranty service anywhere else in the World. 

Your Piaget watch is guaranteed for a period of twenty four months from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects, subject to the following conditions.

Only authorised Piaget retailers or Piaget Service Centres are qualified to ensure appropriate after sales services and are authorised to provide the Piaget Limited Warranty service and in accordance with Piaget Instructions.
Any part found by our technical services to be defective as a result of a manufacturing defect will be replaced at no charge.

Some states, provinces or territories do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

The Piaget Limited Warranty does not cover:

- defects arising from damage, accidents, mishandling, incorrect or abusive use (knocks, dents, crushing, moisture in the case of non-water resistant watches), alteration or repairs not performed by an authorised Piaget retailer or a Piaget Service Centre;
- leather straps;
- normal wear or ageing;
- theft or loss of the complete watch or components.

In order to benefit from this Piaget Limited Warranty, you will be required to present the Piaget Certificate, duly completed, dated, stamped and signed by an authorised Piaget retailer. Be sure, therefore, to keep this certificate in a safe place. 

This Limited Warranty grants you specific legal rights, in addition to which you may have other rights which vary from state to state, from provinces to provinces and from territories to territories.

1. For watches fitted with a quartz movement, this Piaget Limited Warranty is valid only if the correct batteries are used.
2. If your watch is water-resistant, this feature will be guaranteed only if the Piaget Service Centre or an authorised Piaget retailer has performed the water resistant test after each time the case is opened, for any reason whatsoever (replacing the battery for example).